Sneak peek behind Armoire SS'11

As the world clamoured in fear as cotton and raw material prices sky rocket, I have decided to jump in. Chuckles. Who are we? Probably not any of those fashion personnel who is bustling around fashion week down at New York City. Click on the tab “About” to understand a little bit more about Armoire. (psss. in french it means closet. So hold your horses, matey! It will be flying into your closet very soon..)

“Dreams don’t come true by themselves, but if you wish for something hard enough, you’ll eventually gain the confidence to make it happen.”

– Quote unknown.

With that said, every journey, every thoughts (or frustrations) of the team of Armoire will be documented by this blog.

Our spring summer ’11 photography session has wrapped up. I know. yay! The come together of such a great team is really awesome. I am truly blessed. Putting the tiny part of marketing aside, come new challenges. Will not pour into details but everything is do-able.

Stay tune for more news!

Much Loved,



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