Happy Valentine’s Day

Love from the Armoire team.

Bonjour mon amour (Hello my love),

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your lovelies. Armoire team is spinning with LOVE!! We have been receiving lots of lovely submissions of romantic pictures and we have been following closely with the votes! What beautiful pictures. Oh my my! This is going to be so difficult to choose from!

Submission for the Valentine’s Day contest as follows:

Love in venice - Rosey

Love interpretation by Cool Cat

Love interpretation by Ryan

Love interpretation by Brian

Love by Caecilia

Love intepretation by Hazel

The winner to Armoire Valentine’s Day contest goes to: Hazel with 82 votesCaecilia with 35 votes!

Please contact Armoire team for mailing details!


To all the other contestants, it has been a pleasure viewing your lovely photos!

Let’s try again on our next contest! Stay tune!


Love always,






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2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. hazhench says :

    Thanks 🙂 I appreciate this 😀 Happy Hearts Day

  2. armoireapparel says :

    Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie~
    Enjoy the gorgeous dress!

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