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Weekend rumble.

Armoire Vala Dress

Making an unforgettable entrance this weekend with Armoire Vala Dress.
Paint the town red with our striking color!
–XXO, Armoire

Comfort with Armoire


Everything about Armoire Engineered Dress is about classic cuts and comfort. The classical feminine dress frames the perfect Armoire lady delicately providing an updated modern and sophistication take to the simple structured dress.

Update your look and yet never go out of fashion with this modern take to the classic dress.

Available at:

xxo, Armoire.


Interviewed by Madison McNeill of HC&W


“From seeing the success of Evon’s collection, Armoire,  she is living proof of that if you dream big you will succeed big.”



HC&W: Why did you start Armoire?
Evon: I started Armoire because it is time to make my dream a reality.

HC&W: How long have you been designing clothing or sewing?
Evon: I’ve started right after I’ve graduate from my bachelors in Chemical Engineering! I have always loved designing right after high school but I always didn’t have the courage to plunge into it. I’m not sure why. The confidence probably came after I’ve given enough energy into engineering.

HC&W: As a designer, what inspires you?
Evon: I would say beautiful things inspire me but most of all its travelling. I was thinking a lot while I was travelling in Europe. Especially the train ride from Rome to Paris. It was such a long ride, it was kind of therapeutic. Many ideas were popping and I had to scribble it down! That’s when I decided if not now, when?

HC&W: Who are some of your favorite designers and why?
Evon: I love Vera Wang. I love how her whimsical touches can make fairytales come alive.

HC&W: What makes your Armoire different from other companies?
Evon: Armoire will step into the scene from an engineer’s perspective. The difference will be obvious.


Enjoyed my interview with Madison McNeill of HC&W.

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Armoire Nikki Dress

Sketchbook: Armoire Nikki Dress

This is a playful take on the classic little black dress: the ideal Armoire lady can enjoy this modern interpretation of LBD – Armoire Nikki Dress from morning and daytime to work or for play right up the night sky.

By introducing a stricking accent such as the romance of the lace over one shoulder, a modern chic romantic look immediately cascade through the frill on the other shoulder, suggesting a sash. Armoire Nikki Dress immediately puts the ideal Armoire lady right in the heart of all the attention.

Enjoy this special “sketch” of the design.

Much loved,

Armoire Eliza Dress

Armoire Eliza Dress

Armoire ELIZA Dress bedazzling you in Honey Suckle
The color of Spring Summer 2011


For our Singapore friends, you can find ARMOIRE collection at Victoria Jomo (47 Haji Lane, Singapore)
For friends from overseas you can shop for ARMOIRE at Sense of Fashion 

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Armoire Fan!

Armoire Engineered Dress In Black


Our love for the modern & beautiful down at Armoire.. has been extended to our Philippines friends!

What great news!

On the day of valentine’s day, we have mailed out Armoire very own Armoire Engineered Dress to our Valentine’s day winner – Hazel. Our wonderfully talented fan captured this gorgeous look for all of us down at Armoire 🙂 .

“I really feel so sexy with this dress.” Hazel


We were all really thrilled with the compliment we received!

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Much Loved,
Armoire xxo.