Interviewed by Madison McNeill of HC&W


“From seeing the success of Evon’s collection, Armoire,  she is living proof of that if you dream big you will succeed big.”



HC&W: Why did you start Armoire?
Evon: I started Armoire because it is time to make my dream a reality.

HC&W: How long have you been designing clothing or sewing?
Evon: I’ve started right after I’ve graduate from my bachelors in Chemical Engineering! I have always loved designing right after high school but I always didn’t have the courage to plunge into it. I’m not sure why. The confidence probably came after I’ve given enough energy into engineering.

HC&W: As a designer, what inspires you?
Evon: I would say beautiful things inspire me but most of all its travelling. I was thinking a lot while I was travelling in Europe. Especially the train ride from Rome to Paris. It was such a long ride, it was kind of therapeutic. Many ideas were popping and I had to scribble it down! That’s when I decided if not now, when?

HC&W: Who are some of your favorite designers and why?
Evon: I love Vera Wang. I love how her whimsical touches can make fairytales come alive.

HC&W: What makes your Armoire different from other companies?
Evon: Armoire will step into the scene from an engineer’s perspective. The difference will be obvious.


Enjoyed my interview with Madison McNeill of HC&W.

Swing by her blog for more insights!


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