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Always in search..

Gorgeous prints on silk


Like they always say, search and you shall find.



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Armoire Romantic Wanderer

Some days I just daydream in a haze.
Clearly reveal my inmost thought.
Some days I just walk where the clouds lead me.
Until, I find your heart again.


Double the Beauty

The universe arranged it such that Evon Tan (Malaysia Super Model) and Evon Tan (Armoire Designer/Founder) collide.

In this beautiful union, the beautiful Supermodel slip right into Armoire dresses like they are her second skin.

Look at her settle in Armoire Stephie Dress 🙂

Read more about Armoire under Evon (Super Model)’s skin, on her blog.

Armoire Engineered Dress for Emi

Armoire Engineered Dress for Emi

 Happy Tuesdays my loves!

Armoire has welcomed new cupcakes to our team.

Swing on by to our flagship store  to check out our new designs xxo