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Armoire Fall 2011 | Interview by Tammi Tan of Fever Avenue

Designer Evon Tan of Armoire down at 47 Haji Lane, Singapore

Evon Tan of Armoire was interviewed in a casual setting in Singapore famous street (Haji Lane) where the local talents gather. Armoire collection first started selling in the boutique – “Victoria JoMo Designer” down at 47 Haji Lane. It made sense to have the interview down at the boutique where fashion editor, Tammi Tan of Fever Avenue could have the first hand experience of the second collection.

For more interesting reads of the interview, find Tammi Tan’s article here!


Fabric Hunt

Fabric Hunt

Fabric hunting pretty much sum up the first half of the inspirational journey.
This is such a busy month! More on the fabrication soon xo

Armoire Dream Fall 2011 Sketches

Dream Fall falling in Singapore this Saturday 3/September 2011